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Welcome to Artisan Culture – Everything Italian

Artisan culture is a way of life. Creating or crafting with passion is what an artisan does, and once something is created it is then shared, and through sharing connections are made and a community is born.

This concept has been part of our evolution since the beginning of time. The need to belong, to connect and to share is ultimately one of the most important key ingredients for a happy life.

We can all be Artisans, every time we choose create something. Passion and enthusiasm are very contagious, they both attract and inspire people.

My passion for food and my love of sharing stories is my Artisan way. My inspiration comes from my wholesome upbringing in my traditional Italian Culture, and all the amazing people I have been very lucky to work with on my beautiful New Zealand journey.

“Tutto fa’ brodo” is an old Italian proverb meaning “everything makes the broth”. To me food is the magic ingredient that creates new experiences, and establishes new communities which ultimately brings people together, creating the happiness in our lives we need to flourish and grow.

Angelo Tredicucci
Founder of Artisan Culture


PHOTO CREDIT Rebekah Robinson (shot at Pane e Vino restaurant, Auckland).

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